At 77 years old David is our senior artist. For over 50 years Dave painted from the back bedroom of his house, capturing the communities and industry of his hometown Middlesbrough. 


We discovered Dave in 2015 and with such an amazing body of work struggled to understand how he had only exhibited once before. In a nutshell it boils down to opportunity, class,  elitism and the art world. 


Dave’s naïve paintings  eclipse mere nostalgia, exploring themes of class struggle , lost communities, and post industrialisation. Although his paintings are based mainly on his home town of  Middlesbrough, he describes them as the language of any northern town.

Since those early days, there have been numerous exhibitions, he has a strong collector base and is in many Public Collections. 


We are  grateful Dave trusted us to show his work and  tell his story.


Dave's work is available on this site but if you're interested we also power a separate site for him here